A very valuable book

I'm reading 'The Whole Brained Child' and totally love it. I remember when I was teaching I was introduced to the book 'Begin With the Brain' and I loved that one too. When I worked with the group C.L.A.S.S., we referenced the book often.

I also remember joking around about the title 'Begin With The Brain,' what else had we been working within education after all! But it really was a notable change in education since we were just starting to really learn so much about the brain.

So the book 'The Whole Brained Child' is again a fun title,(what, are we only nurturing part of a child's brain),  BUT, hmmm... Are we only nurturing one part?  Are we only interested in discipline that makes us look good? Are we only interested in academic success? Do we parent from both our upstairs and downstairs brains?  These are the many curious thoughts I'm having as I'm reading this book.

In the book 'The Whole Brained Child' the Downstairs brain is defined as "the area involving the brain stem and limbic region, whereas the Upstairs brain is made up of the cerebral cortex which involves the pre-frontal cortex."  The "downstairs" or lower more primal part of your brain is responsible for survival, and the "upstairs" is the more refined part that is responsible for deep inquisitive thoughts. When we discipline our children, we need to be aware of where our response is coming from and also where their behavior is coming from.

 Just some thoughts about a beneficial book I'm reading.