Goals 2017

GOALS 2017

January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

Now that we've finished with the rush and stress of the holidays we can focus on our goals for 2017.  I like goals better than resolutions. Goals seem positive and forward thinking and attainable whereas resolutions feel a bit more difficult and slightly negative.

So before we get to goals take a minute and remind yourself of your successes. Big or small they are successes and taking note of them is essential. Maybe you were more focused on your kids, and perhaps you yelled less, maybe potty training your toddler went ok, maybe you survived a full year of teenaged eye rolling! You define success for yourself and then make your list. (Feels good right)

Now, with some success in your back pocket what are those goals you want to focus on this year? Quality time with your family, better co-parenting, LESS STRESS, whatever the goal, give it a name and then you can make a simple, straightforward plan to help you achieve that goal.

My goal planning advice is straightforward. It works like this.                                                              Example goal: to be less stressed!   To accomplish this the EASIEST step I can take is to ask myself each time I do something, think of something or plan something, How Does THIS (action, thought or plan), affect my stress level? See it's all a choice. I can choose to do the activity that when I ask myself "how does this affect my stress level" and I say NEGATIVELY and reap the higher stress level, therefore not making my goal. Or, I can choose not to partake in the activity or to modify it so that I incur less, little or no stress.  This naturally moves me toward my goal. 

A few of my goals for 2017 are: Move more, Eat healthier and take a class in ASL. All of these will help me with my ONE primary goal of being LESS STRESSED!