The secret to parenting



December 31, 2016

So why are there parenting secrets? It's been around for so long you'd think they'd have written a book about it!  OK so yes, they have and maybe this is an explanation to the dilemma, there are hundreds of books on parenting implying there are hundreds of ways to parent. Not REALLY, but it appears this way.  

I believe that as a society we were once raising our children in "nuclear families" often surrounded if not housed with grandparents, aunts, and uncles, etc.. These families also did things that perpetuated the ideals they had for raising their children. So parenting was passed down each generation, and then the society they lived in helped preserve these ideals.

Fast forward to now, and we don't live in these close-knit "nuclear families," and we often move away from each other.  Maybe we wanted our voice in the raising of our children, understandable but in doing so, we also lost some valuable tried and true parenting info. (don't get me wrong, some of what we were trying to get away from was bad, and therefore we didn't want to pass any of it down)

My blog will share some of the tried and true of the past and also include current practices based on neuroscience and brain development. I hope that you find examples, solutions, and ideas that will help you navigate your PATHWAY TO PARENTING!

Choose your path,                                                                                                                                       

Mrs. Pang